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The Next Chapter – the Atlantic Crossing

A lot has happened since 2011 when Janie, Trevor, and I traveled around the world for three and a half months. I was fresh out of college, wondering what I was going to do with my life, seeing new continents for the first time, being away from home, surviving on our own, and we left mom at home and Rosalie in high school. Now, Mom is married and moved to Colorado, Rosie is finished with high school and off to college (in Hawaii!) Janie has her own apartment in Ogden, I’m headed to China for a year to teach English, and Trevor will be living on his own in a big ol’ house while attending Weber State. When I think back on our world adventure, it is so grand and kind of surreal, but only a year and a half later and it seems so long ago. Long enough at least, that I was ready for another, and “celebrating” Rosalie’s graduation was a good enough reason to quit my waitressing job and head out into the world another time.
This trip was going to be a little different though. Without Janie, the traveling fiend of the family, who would be off in South America on her own adventure, and with the addition of Rosalie, the planning dynamics were changed. Rosalie has a mind of her own, and since we were going in honor of her finishing high school, this trip was going to have a little more Rosie-style. And Rosie’s idea of totally awesome senior trip? A cruise, and not just a little cruise, a big one, a long one, preferably Disney-themed, and hey, how about it takes us across the Atlantic to Europe? I honestly really tried to talk her out of it. I like cruises, but fourteen days on a ship? I thought surely there was a better way to spend that time and money, but when Rosie has her mind set on something there is pretty much no changing it and we did find a pretty good deal, so a transatlantic Disney cruise it was. I decided that while we were across the pond we might as well explore a bit of Europe as well, so our cruise/backpacking trip was set.
Trevor, Rosalie and I left on May 18 from the cruise terminal in Galveston, Texas on the Disney Magic, our home for the next fourteen days, living in luxury with unlimited fun, food and relaxation (if your into that sort of thing). We had a total blast. We had three ports of call in the Bahamas, Madeira, and Gibraltar but the rest of the time we were stuck at sea. Each of us could fill our days with whatever we wanted to do: Trevor sitting by the pool reading his book, me running all over the ship doing every activity I can fit in my schedule, and Rosie always struggling to decide who to join and whether the sun, or the fun was the better option. The food was amazing with buffets and cafes and room service and a fabulous seated dinner every evening. I had my fill of seafood and escargot and pheasant and lamb and gourmet desserts, my favorites being an excellently prepared sea bass and a caramelized upside down pineapple pudding cake.
Of course, with all that food to eat, I made sure to stay active all the time with trips to the fitness room, playing basketball on the top deck, and swimming in the pool. I attended cooking demonstrations, ballroom dance classes, craft times, drawing lessons, trivia and game shows, movies in the theater, and of course the nightly entertainment show that ranged from broadway acts to magicians and even a hypnotist. We also had a boat building contest, a pirate deck party, a volunteer project painting a Little Mermaid mural for a hospital, plenty of Disney character dance parties, and every member of the cruise staff was so friendly and awesome. Disney really knows how to keep every one of the thousands of passengers on their ship happy all the time.
Even after fourteen nights on the ship, sleeping in a tiny little windowless cabin, I don’t think Trevor, Rosie, or I was ready for it to be over. But the day finally came and on June 1 we ate our last breakfast on the ship, said goodbye to unlimited food, having our beds made for us each day, and our daily schedule printed for us each morning, and walked into downtown Barcelona, Spain to start the next leg of our journey.










About Sarah Roberts

I graduated from college two and a half years ago (whoa! that's a long time) with a B.S. degree in biology. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do but I love science. I seriously considered becoming a doctor and even took the MCAT, volunteered in hospitals, and went to EMT school. But after all that, I finally and firmly realized that is not what I wanted to do. So I was left with a blank slate. What should I pursue now? What career track should I head down? And then I realized, I don't know, and that's OKAY! If I am going to dedicate my life to something, I have to love it and want to do it. So, I am on a bear hunt. I am not going to just sit around hoping for a revelation. I am out in the world, trying new things, going new places, meeting new people and learning more about my world and where I fit in it. Who know where I will end up or if I will ever "settle down". This adventure may last the rest of my life but I am excited to see whatever "bears" I may encounter.

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