It´s been two years since I graduated from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California with a degree in biology. Since then I´ve realized I don´t know what I want to do for a career or even if it will be in the sciences. I don´t even know where I want to reside. I was born in Santa Barbara, CA but my family moved to Utah when I was seven. We have moved several times within Utah but right now it´s Farr West (it is just as great as is sounds). After going to school in CA for four years, I am really half Californian and half Utahn. I love both places in different ways and couldn´t pick a favorite. Since I am not currently tied down to anything, not school or a job or a house, I decided to use my time to travel the world, learn new things, meet people, and discover along the way what to do next.

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  1. Dear Sara, Are you still a teacher at Shanxi modern bilingual school?

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